Before approving an in-store or service complaint, the following points must be reviewed.

This is a list that is regularly updated, so frequent visits are recommended if you are a service manager / employee in your company.

Consumers are asked to contact the service team where the product was purchased. Sahaga experiences that well over 50% of all products that come back to us are not faulty. User errors or failure to read instructions are usually the reason for the return. We want to work closely with our dealers on these challenges to save the environment and think financially. All costs affect the price structure and we want to sell high quality products at the lowest possible price.

SERVICE information, tips and requirements for approval of complaints

DAB / DAB + reception

All products sold under the brand name POP have DAB +.

Generally about receiving DAB / DAB + signals

Keep in mind that most issues with a DAB / DAB + radio are resolved with a factory reset. See operating instructions.

always check the coverage where the radio is used ( in Norway, your local service provider in your country)

Remember that there are different coverage rates on the different networks (P4, Radio N etc. have less coverage than NRK in Norway, same differences in your country)

Remember, you must check that you are listening to the closest transmitter. The same channel can appear several times in the list, both the neighboring region and your own region. You need to listen to the nearest transmitter to get the most stable reception.

Keep in mind that there may be local conditions that hinder reception, even if there is coverage according to the coverage map (construction in the building, interference from noise sources such as LED bulbs, large units, high voltage etc. This is quite common for radio signals, and is not specific to DAB / DAB +).

Remember that in most cases the antenna must be fully extended. Many people believe that DAB / DAB + has to do with the internet and that the antenna is only for the FM part of the radio.

Remember that when the signal gets too bad on DAB +, the sound cuts off completely. If you are in marginal coverage, this can happen even if the radio is stationary. There is no fault with the radio, but it must be moved to get better reception.

Remember that POP uses only the best DAB + reception modules for each model. When it comes to signal reception it is in most cases talk about where the radio is located and the conditions it has for receiving the signal.

Keep in mind that if the radio is powered by batteries (disposable or rechargeable batteries), the signal reception may be adversely affected when the batteries end.

Uncertain about receiving DAB / DAB + on POP's products? Contact (+47) 69 31 10 30 or


Especially about the POPyourCAR series

POPyourCAR 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 and POPyourMIRROR all have the best DAB + reception module on the market. In case of reception problems, it is almost always the cause of the antenna mounting. The antenna MUST be mounted vertically and it MUST be mounted on glass where no "filter" is blocking the signal. Such filters are not easy to see, so you should always test before installing the antenna permanently.

Typical "filters" are: heat wires, other antennas, sun shading (applies to the kind that is metallic), anti-crush mats in the glass (applies to the kind that is metallic), other metals that block the signal out. If the glass is transparent (with no filter blocking the signal) where the antenna is mounted, the POPyourCAR series should be able to receive DAB / DAB + over the entire coverage map as specified by your signal provider. (Several places actually beyond the coverage area).

POPyourCAR (the entire series) has SERVICE FOLLOWING (SF). If the customer complains that the DAB signal falls out in short tunnels or in areas with marginal coverage, it will pay off to switch off SF. Then the radio will not interrupt the sound to look for better transmitter. This will result in a better experience there and then, but you have to remember to turn on Service Following again afterwards if you want the radio to update itself to the strongest transmitter when driving over longer distances.

POPyourCAR (the entire series) has TRAFFIC ANNOUNCEMENTS (TA). Some will find the traffic announcements interrupting the ​​broadcasts as annoying. TA can be turned off.

POPyourCAR 2.2, 3.0 and POPyourMIRROR have Bluetooth hands-free. The microphone is built into the device. If anyone say that the listener "at the other end" cannot hear, this has to do with the location of the device in the car's interior. The longer the microphone is from the mouth, the more noise and less voice will be perceived by the microphone.

POPyourCAR (the entire series) has supplied glass adhesive antennas with magnetic grounding. Grounding is important. The customer must make sure that the magnet "snaps" into the ceiling / metal. This is important for the reception. DO NOT mount the adhesive antenna on damp / cool glass. Then it will not stick, the glue will disappear and the antenna will be loose. Incorrect mounting, change of route, damaged antenna when attempting to move it etc is NOT a valid RMA argument. Additional antennas can be ordered.

Remember, if the customer says that it "buzzes" when transferring from POPyourCAR to the car over FM: If it buzzing there can be two reasons for this: 1) the frequency you are using is either busy or gets interrupted, choose another transmit frequency at POPyourCAR. 2) The FM receiver in the car is no better. Test this by listening to a local radio on FM. If there is also a noise in the same cases there (eg when talking quietly, or as soon as you get silence on the channel), the FM receiver in the car itself is not good enough.

If "No service" or "No signal" appears on the display, there may be several natural reasons for it. If this happens the first time you turn it on, it is because the antenna is not mounted or incorrectly installed (see above). If this happens after a while, it is because you are trying to listen to a channel that does not have coverage on the place you are or does not broadcast on the place you are. Then you need to perform a new channel search to find out if the channel has a different frequency in the area you are currently in (does not apply to channels that use SERVICE FOLLOWING, then POPyourCAR will find the channel again for you). Either way, resetting the device will solve the problem, because it will then reset and then look up all available channels at your location.

If a user of POPyourCAR experiences the screen turning gray, freezing on the startup logo or no longer being turned on, the device has probably received too much power / strong voltage from the car's cigarette lighter. This can happen at start-up if the cigarette lighter does not protect against such fluctuation in amperage. POPyourCAR-series can withstand from 10 to 30 volts. Higher voltages can damage the unit. DO NOT try another radio if the customer has experienced this. The customer must either connect POPyourCAR to this car with the accessory "adapter for connection to the car's wiring harness" (ie right on the 10-30v system in the car, not via the cigarette lighter) OR have the cigarette lighter checked at the car / electrical workshop.

Uncertain about the POPyourCAR series? Contact (+47) 69 31 10 30 or

Especially about the POP @ work series

The POP @ work series is manufactured and certified in accordance with the very strict regulations that apply to PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in Europe.

The POP @ work series is subject to very strict audio volume requirements, so as not to damage the user's hearing over time.

POP @ work is thus not a HiFi equipment in any way, but a good hearing protection with radio.

After inquiries from users who think that the sound level should be somewhat higher, we have specified about the module that processes the sound in POP @ work from batch # 0919. This means that they play a little higher, but still within the strict requirements of the law.

Since both different types of music, and different radio channels represent different volume pressures, one may find that some channels and some types of music are not suitable for use of the hearing protection "bass booster". This feature is best used for quiet music and speech. On bass-heavy music it should not be enabled. The fact that bass is overridden when using the bass booster is not a valid RMA argument.

As of batch # 0919, hearing protection from POP has been tested and certified for "fall from head height at low temperature ". This means that they have been tested to fall from head height to hard surface - at low temperatures - without breaking. Thus, broken headbands on hearing protection from POP are not normally a valid complaint basis.

The POP @ work series consists of the entry models POP @ work and POP @ work BT

The POP @ work PRO series consists of POP @ work PRO and POP @ work PRO helmet (not yet manufactured)

POP @ work and POP @ work BT are not waterproof. They also do not have hygiene kits for replacing ear pads.

The POP @ work PRO and PRO helmet are waterproof and there are hygiene kits for replacing ear pads as an option.

POP @ work and POP @ work BT are manufactured with extra nylon in the plastic around the brackets of the watches, to make them more robust than other entry-level products in the same category. These do not break by themselves. In the event of a complaint on broken attachments / hangers: The service manager must make an assessment of whether the product has been damaged due to rough treatment or if there has actually been a weakness in the product. Also note here the operating temperature as specified in the user manual.

The POP @ work PRO and POP @ work PRO helmets have a more robust construction and can be expected to withstand rougher processing than the entry-level series.

The batteries in the POP @ work series should last for up to 8 hours. If there is a problem with the battery or the device does not charge, this is usually a problem that is solved by sending a new battery. Do not replace the unit until it has been tested with a new battery.

Signal reception on hearing protection with DAB / DAB +:

The POP @ work series uses specially developed DAB / DAB + modules, focusing on moving reception, small size for space in the clock and low power consumption.

It is a fact that the DAB / DAB + signal should be received vertically. There are very few workers who deal with their heads vertically at all times. Therefore, in areas with marginal coverage, you may experience small outcomes in situations where the antenna does not point upwards.

Technically, the DAB / DAB + antenna should be about 36 cm long. Since no one would want to wear such a long antenna on their heads, we have adapted that usage by making it shorter. Much work has been done on this to avoid reception impairment, but in areas with marginal coverage, but where a table radio still has signal reception, receivers with shorter antennas may experience signal loss.

Please note that working indoors with hearing protection with DAB / DAB + can result in poorer reception than similar work outdoors.

In addition, there will be a difference in signal quality based on the construction of the building. Wood construction in relation to masonry and metal. Large machines, welding equipment, light rigs with LEDs and other things can also damage the DAB / DAB + signal in the premises.

If the customer believes that there was coverage for FM (on the old hearing protection) and that there should therefore be coverage on DAB / DAB +, this does not apply. First, it has to do with which channel you listen to (different broadcast networks), secondly, FM networks and DAB networks are not directly comparable (overall coverage% for the country is actually better on DAB / DAB +, but locally can the change has led to "new" conditions) AND not least - it is very likely that the workplace had its own FM transmitters mounted indoors in the work premises. If they have not set up their own DAB / DAB + transmitters yet, it will be a very wrong comparison. Sahaga as can communicate with installers who set up local DAB / DAB + in larger workplaces.

Uncertain about the POP @ work series? Contact (+47) 69 31 10 30 or

Especially about  POP's entry-level models (POPlite, POPlite2, POPintro, POPintro2, POP original, POPstar, POP2017, POPnano, POPup)

In cases where the radio has a clock radio, please note that this function only works when the radio is connected to 220v. This is so that no one will sleep over because the batteries ran out during the night.

Remember that "factory reset" can usually only be performed when the radio is connected to 220v.

Especially about  POP's DELUXE series (POPdeluxe, myPOP and POPup2)

Remember that what appears in the color display depends on what is broadcast from the broadcaster.

Remember that you can choose from several slideshow display modes (see user manual)

Keep in mind that the snooze feature on POPup2 is different from other alarm clocks. (See operating instructions)

Especially about  POPradio and POPworldradio

 If there are network problems when using POPworld Radio, it is usually the cause of the WiFi router. It may need software update or may have changed its settings from your network provider. The most effective way to troubleshoot / test a POPworld radio if network problems occur during use is to take it to another network. If it works there, it is the home network and not the radio that has the problem.

It is important to perform the necessary software upgrades on POPworld Radio, if it has not been done after Frontier Silicon changed its server provider for its Internet radio services. Support around this is available here.

Especially about POPyourSHOWER

POPyourSHOWER has a key lock under the cover on the right. This must be turned off for the radio to be turned on or other buttons operated.

POPyourSHOWER must be charged after about 8-10 hours of play. For many it is after several weeks, since it is only used in the shower. Then it is important to note that if the radio stops working, or the signal reception becomes poor, it is because the radio needs recharging.

Remember that POPyourSHOWER has a specially developed DAB / DAB + antenna that does not appear. It is located in the rubber band / handle on the radio. If the shower is in a basement or in a block of concrete / metal, the radio may need to be placed near a window. The antenna is good, but the signal reception is affected (in areas where the coverage is marginal) because the antenna is not vertical and not about 36 cm long.

Generally about complaints on other POP radios

In general, we refer all POP users to the specific POP model's INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

For coverage or channel-oriented issues, we refer to your signal provider or the current broadcaster. 


This overview is updated continuously. Do you have any tips on what to do? Contact us at and we will keep updating!


Older edition of "frequently asked questions", which may also provide answers:

Sahaga as recommends all its customers to familiarize themselves with the product's instructions for use. Knowing how the product is meant to work will save you both time and money and avoid unnecessary shipping of products.

Keep in mind that DAB needs coverage of DAB signals, and that a DAB radio either has sound (good to poor coverage) or is completely silent (margin to no coverage). This means that there can be a big difference in reception at only a few meters distance. Move on the radio, try channel search outdoors or take the radio to another location for testing, for errors to be reported. Signal coverage problems are not covered by warranty. Sahaga has nothing to do with the development of the DAB network in Norway.

I get channel names but hear no sound. What is wrong?

There may be several reasons for this. First you need to:

perform a factory reset (this will usually resolve any temporary software issues)

perform a new channel search (be sure to do a full channel search, preferably take the radio to a window or outdoors to ensure the best possible signal reception)

check the channel list and make sure you listen to the nearest transmitter

check the coverage on

read the instruction manual if the radio has a "mute" function or a lock button which is the reason for the lack of sound


Many of these questions deal with general topics for DAB / DAB + and are not only applicable to POP radios.

Many of the audience questions they will find answers to by reading the instruction manual. All POP radios have NORSK operating instructions that come with the box.

ALL boxes have instructions for use.

How long does POP play on battery?

POP plays about 14-16 hours on 4x AA batteries. The playing time will vary based on how loud you play, whether you hear dab or sc, whether it is hot or cold where you listen and other external conditions. DAB generally uses more power than FM because DAB is a small processor / computer that decodes data over to audio again. Rechargeable batteries that can be charged in a charger outside the radio may be an idea. They play shorter times, but are more economical and environmentally friendly as they can be recharged many times.

I've broken my antenna, can you get a new one?

Yes, contact the one you bought the radio from and they can get a new antenna from the POP importer SAHAGA AS.

Does POP have line input or Bluetooth?

No. POPduo has Bluetooth. POPmusic also has Bluetooth.

Does POP have a headphone jack?


What should I do if the radio locks?

The radio can lock, just like other small and large computers. Then it must be reset. Read the operating instructions.

I left the radio for a long time in direct sunlight and very high temperature. It settled and now it will not turn on. What am I doing?

Leave the radio in the shade for a while. Then it can be switched on again, if it has not been in extreme heat and damaged internal electronics.

There are no characters on the display. I hear sound / I don't hear sound. What am I doing?

The display is broken. If it is not exposed to external influences / damage, this is a warranty case for the first 2 years after purchase and you should deliver the radio where you purchased it.

The rubberized surface is worn off at the corners. Is this a valid RMA argument?

No. The rubberized surface is an exterior that is sprayed onto the plastic after the pressure on the radio is done. If you bring the radio with you and often take it up and down of bags etc., over time the friction will wear off the outer layer. This is natural and not a complaint case.

It bubbles when I hear certain channels. What should I do?

You must do a new channel search. The radio may not be tuned to the nearest transmitter. If you listen to a transmitter far away or you are in an area with poor coverage, this can be experienced. DAB channels are bubbling, DAB + channels are completely silent.

The clock on my POPup does not stand after power failure. What should I do?

You must do a new channel search and choose to listen to transmitters within your area. Then the radio will receive a signal, and with that signal will follow clock data which will automatically set the clock after a power failure.

There are many channels in the list that have no audio. What am I doing?

Go into the menu and clear the channel list. The channels without audio are either transmitters you've listened to when you've had the radio elsewhere, or transmitters you've "included" in the channel search, but which are too far away for you to hear them.

My POPnano Pocket Radio has much poorer reception of channels when using headphones other than those that came with it. What am I doing?

POPnano does not have a built-in antenna. Few pocket radios without a speaker have it. The antenna is located in the screen of the headphone cable (the metal that surrounds the conductor itself, within the plastic of the cord). If you use headphones with poor display, you will have less power as an antenna and thus poor reception. Try with other headphones.

I hear a faint buzzing sound in the speaker when I turn off the sound on the radio. Is there a bug / complaint case?

No. What you hear is the amplifier. Only a few will be able to experience this. It has several reasons and is a combination of power and sound. It may vary from place to place you use the radio and has to do with the nature of the product. When you turn on the sound, you will not be able to hear the sound. If you hear similar sound when listening to voice programs, most likely you will hear room noise in the studio or microphone stand.

My POP radio does not work on 220v anymore, only on battery. What should I do?

POP is designed to be used on both 220v, batteries and USB port. (USB ports are common in the home, in the office, in the car and even in boats and camping). Do not expose the microUSB connector on the radio to a "break" or shock. Have you lost the radio so that the shock has come into contact? Did you drop anything on the socket when it was in the radio? Have you tried to insert the connector incorrectly? If you believe that the radio has defects covered by the warranty, please contact the place where you purchased it. They send it to the importer. Please be aware that if it is shown that the radio is exposed to external influences, it will incur costs, both freight and survey fees. Be sure that no one else has damaged your radio before submitting it with warranty claims.

POP @ work does not charge. What am I doing?

POP @ work has microUSB charging connector. This is the same type of contact as on a number of mobile phones. The connector is used to enable you to charge your hearing protection with the same equipment that you charge your cellphone. In other words, for your convenience.

It is important to treat USB connectors with some caution. If you have damaged the connector by rough use, this is not a warranty matter. The contacts are reinforced on the inside.

If you believe that the contact is damaged without external influences, this is a warranty matter.

POPyourCAR has low sound / wheezing sound. What am I doing?

You must turn the volume up to max on the up / down volume switch on the upper left of POPyourCAR.

POPyourCAR sends the audio from the dab channels over FM to your existing car radio. If something is interfering with the frequency you are using, you must switch the transmission frequency on POPyourCAR. See operating instructions.

Do not place POPyourCAR very far from the FM radio and / or its antenna. Move slightly on POPyourCAR. Remember that it must not stand as it obstructs the view. Remember that you must not operate it in a way that distracts you as the responsible driver of the car. POP takes no responsibility for how people use the radio when driving a car.

POPyourCAR has poor reception of dab channels signals. What am I doing?

There is a big difference in coverage for dab / dab + in and out of cities. If you use POPyourCAR primarily in the city, you will rarely or never experience outcomes.

If you have foil / shielding etc in the windshield, the signals will not pass through and into the POPyourCAR antenna.

The DAB signal MUST come to the radio for you to hear the channels.

If you have a field in the box without a screen / filter, a glass adhesive antenna can help. If not, get an outside antenna.

Lack of coverage is not a complaint matter.

POPyourCAR does not turn ON / OFF?

ON: you have to charge POPyourCAR

OFF: you must fully discharge the battery and then recharge it. Then reset the radio. See the instruction manual.

I don't get my channels, it says channel names, but I get no sound

Make sure you are listening to the correct transmitter. Several of our radios have such good reception chips that they easily receive signals from transmitters that are further away from you. Then you may find the transmitter, but the distance is too long for the sound to "go along". In that case, the channel will be in the channel list several times. Choose one of the others, which probably sends from a sender closer to you. Use "prune" or "clean" in the radio's system menu. Then it will remove those channels that are not strong enough for you to receive audio from them.

For Internet radio problems:

Be sure to test the radio on another wireless / wired internet before reporting errors. In 90% of all cases, the radio works fine on another network and then the problem lies in the router / configuration of the router and not the radio.

Do you or your customers have other questions that you cannot find in your POPradios manual? Please send us an email with the question and we will respond and update this list. Use Thanks for the help!

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